Home loan in Chandigarh



Chandigarh the state capital of two prosperous states Haryana & Punjab. It is one of the earliest planned city of India & known for its beauty, employability, governmental residency along with the home of biggest businesses across india. Thus investment in owning of home in this city Chandigarh is million dollar dream. The booming economy in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula have led it as favorable destination of owning a Home.

The decision of owning your home has to start with rigorous property search , financial planning, home loan consultation & post  administrative & documentation. Searching for good home loan consulting is equally important to searching of dream home.  At Retailloans, we provide unbiased information about loan eligibility, current offers from different banks,



Home loan in chandigarh is being provided by national/private banks, housing finances & NBFCs. And home loan interest rates are being regulated by RBI the apex financial institution of India. Any Indian National/NRI can apply for home loan in Chandigarh. Banks having differential criteria for checking the creditworthiness to approve home loan in Chandigarh. Usually it varies from 8.6% to 10% in current scenario.

Applicants needs to provide complete KYC along with the proof of consistent income over the years. The permissible rate of interest also depends upon various factors like credit score, overall financial status, sources of income, monthly expenses & other factors.


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Type of Home Loan:-

  1. Loan for purchase of Land
  2. Loans for Home improvement
  3. Balance transfer home loans
  4. NRI Home loan
  5. Loan for Home purchase
  6. Loan for construction of house
  7. House expansion or extension loan
  8. Home conversions loan